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Be A Hero......Sponsor an Orphan.
River Valley Church is blessed with caring for over 1200 orphans K.I.D.S. (Kids In Desperate Situations) in Uganda.
Each orphan is only $15 a month. This provides a quality education, emergency medications, supplemental meals, school uniforms, supplies and shows them the love of Christ.

Mission Statement

As a Christian outreach organization, our Mission is clear: As Ambassadors for Christ, we are to “go into ALL the world and make disciples”; this not only through proclaiming Christ, but by modeling him. Followers of his will readily testify that before we met  this man named Jesus, WE too were "in desperate situations". Christians around the world confirm as part of their own personal stories, their lives also have gone from desperation to hope.
And so, how to capsulize our Mission..."To be agents of reconciliation and messengers of hope, through the sharing of the gospel as well as our material blessings in order to be in concert with Gods heart in caring for widows and orphans".

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Our Vision For K.I.D.S.


Few things transform an attitude or a life more, than experiencing real, life changing  hope. It is transformative, it is life giving and life sustaining. “These three abide……..Faith, Hope, and Love”. Faith in God and the goodness that can come from our fellow believers, Hope that encourages, and sustains us through desperate times, and Love that is eternal, manifest through grace given through the great sacrifice of Christ the Messiah.

And so, how to capsulize our Vision?……….”To see transformed lives through the power of Gods Holy Spirit effecting friends, family, neighborhoods, communities and indeed a country in a way that is most pleasing and in concert with Gods purpose for His creation”.

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K.I.D.S. in Uganda is part of the Global Outreach of River Valley Church in Grants Pass, Oregon, spreading the glorious gospel to the whole world through 60 Global Workers and Associates, Short-Term mission trips abroad, and through K.I.D.S. in Uganda.
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